Heading into Monday’s all-SEC Championship Game between Georgia and Alabama, it seems most fans of college football are ready to see an expanded Playoff.

Unfortunately for those fans, the leaders of college football do not appear to have a sense of urgency for expansion. Monday afternoon concluded the latest meetings regarding the topic of CFP expansion but no decision has been reached.

According to Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, the expansion committee “didn’t even get close” to a unanimous decision. As Bowlsby sounded off on the “frustrating” process, Executive Director Bill Hancock updated the status of the expansion meetings.

Hancock said no one is closing the door on expansion before 2026, but that the process to get there is “going into overtime.” He also listed multiple issues standing in the way of getting to expansion, including timing, bowl issues, and automatic qualifiers.

CFP board chair Mark Keenum also said the committee hopes to meet again soon. But if a resolution isn’t met, the Playoff will stick with the 4-team status quo.