College football playoff executive director Bill Hancock is examining the future of the Playoff.

The Playoff is expected to expand in the next few years and there will be other changes on the horizon for college football’s postseason tournament. An early expansion could take place prior to 2026. One key piece to this puzzle will be ESPN remaining as a broadcasting partner for all of the Playoff games through 2026.

Hancock confirmed that ESPN will not be forced to renegotiate for additional Playoff games if the expansion is agreed upon. ESPN has the broadcasting rights through 2026 and if the Playoff is expanded, the additional rounds in 2024 and 2025 will still be aired on ESPN. The early expansion will not impact ESPN’s broadcasting rights deal prior to the 2026 expiration date of the deal.

The Playoff will sort out when the Playoff games will happen. Hancock wanted to make sure that New Year’s Day will be the primary day for the Playoff. The number of games on New Year’s Day could be changed.

The Playoff will also be working to lend additional support to student athletes when the Playoff is expanded. While it is unclear what the additional support will be, the student-athletes will receive help from the Playoff.

It will be interesting to see how the future of the College Football Playoff unfolds.