If you wanted a strange Florida man story, look no further than this afternoon’s tilt between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints.

Bears wide receiver Javon Wims, a Florida native, provided some of the weirdest entertainment of the day following a play in the third quarter of Sunday’s game. After a fairly mundane play, Wims decided it was time to take some action and punch a rock hard football helmet.

Ah, the ol’ run up to a random defensive back and give him a sucker punch to the helmet. Wims’ motive on this play appear not to actually catch a pass but throw some punches.

Obviously, Wims’ actions set off some players on the Saints’ side, and understandably so. It seemed unwarranted and he went after the opposing player’s chain. Not the chain!

Wims was ejected for this act, and I’m sure that’s not the last he’s going to hear about this from the league. He will more than likely face some sort of fine or further discipline for the punches thrown.

Everyone should take away one thing: Punching someone in their football helmet is a losing proposition. The worst you’ll do is injure your own hand.