The Ohio State-Nebraska game didn’t wait until kickoff to provide some fireworks. The two teams are getting chippy during the pre-game warm-ups.

Video captured the Buckeyes and Huskers exchanging words around midfield during the pre-game warmups. Officials had to step in between the two teams in order to separate the players.

It didn’t appear too serious, but it certainly will add to the intensity of Saturday’s matchup at Memorial Stadium. Below is the clip from FOX:

Will this dust-up fuel Nebraska to play even harder against the fifth-ranked Buckeyes? Or will Ohio State be more motivated to get some style points for its College Football Playoff resumé?

Ohio State enters the game with a 7-1 record. Nebraska sits at 3-6, with each loss coming by 1 possession. Kickoff is set for 12 p.m. ET on FOX.