Chris ‘The Bear’ Fallica and Greg McElroy discussed their picks heading into Week 8 Thursday morning on Always College Football.

When it came to the Ohio State and Iowa matchup, they both unanimously picked Ohio State. The Bear suggested how this game will play out with the Buckeyes on top.

“It’s amazing how one game completely changes the perception…” Fallica said on Always College Football. ” I would be very surprised if this game was close.”

Stating how Ohio State will run away with the score early, which against a team like Iowa should not pose a threat.

McElroy added in on why he picked Ohio State and he dived more into the strength of its schedule.

“I’ve yet to see Ohio State play against a team with a pulse. Give me a break, Toledo?” McElroy said. “I know it’s been sideways every game. It’s not Ohio State’s fault by the way, they’re just playing who’s on the schedule, they haven’t been tested yet and they’re not going to get tested this weekend, either.”

Ohio State-Iowa will kickoff at noon ET on Saturday, Oct. 22.