Chris “The Bear” Fallica sees Duke as somewhat of a team of destiny ahead of the Final Four, in part because of the improvements he sees out of the Blue Devils.

Fallica made his latest appearance on WJOX out of Birmingham, Alabama and the “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning” show to explain how he’s seen Duke improve in recent games.

“I just think the way Duke has progressed defensively, they were seen as a team that wasn’t really physical or tough,” Fallica said. “That changed with the way Williams controls the paint, the mental toughness that they’ve shown, being down. Whatever it was, 5 to Michigan State with a couple minutes to go, what was it 68-62 I think to Texas Tech, the ability to get stops, control the glass and make big shots.”

Even though there’s so much attention on Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski’s pending retirement, Fallica sees it as part of a storybook or silver screen ending.

“It feels cliche, but it feels like the stars are kind of aligning for this to go out the way that we all think it might,” he said.