Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is using his name, image and likeness to help raise money for an incredible cause during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Lawrence and his girlfriend, Marissa Mowry, have started a GoFundMe page in an attempt to raise money for those affected most by the coronavirus pandemic. The couple planned to donate the money to Meals on Wheels and No Kid Hungry.

Despite some illegitimate rumors that circulated on social media that claimed the NCAA forced Lawrence to take down the GoFundMe page, the NCAA has shown support to the Clemson quarterback and his girlfriend, a soccer player at Anderson University.

“Shout out to the NCAA,” Lawrence said on Instagram. “Thank y’all so much for granting a waiver. They’re allowing us to continue to raise money for what we were doing originally.

“Again, I just want to thank the NCAA really. Everyone’s made them out to be the bad guy, but it was more just so the rules that have already been in place. They’ve done a really good job of responding and actually allowing us to do it. Thank y’all.”

What an awesome cause from Lawrence and his girlfriend, and it’s great to see the NCAA supporting it.