The college basketball fans are after Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski again. This time, the longtime Blue Devils leader is coming under harsh scrutiny for a response he provided to a student reporter’s question following Duke’s 70-65 loss to Louisville.

Following the game, Coach K was asked a pretty straightforward question by the student reporter. Basically, after a 5-5 start to the season, the question asked of the Duke head coach was where does the team go after another loss?

Clearly, Krzyzewski did not appreciate the question. Here was his response:

Seems like a bit of an over-the-top reaction to a legitimate question. It’s so rare to see Duke struggle as it has this season that the question shouldn’t be perceived as an attack. But that’s how Coach K apparently took it.

After seeing Coach K’s response, Twitter couldn’t let him off the hook:

Duke was ranked in the Top 10 to open the 2020-21 college basketball season but has struggled recently. The Blue Devils dropped their third-straight game with the loss to Louisville, also taking losses to Virginia Tech and Pitt.

You can understand why Coach K might be a little upset. But was his reaction to a legitimate question a little too much? Clearly, people on social media didn’t think it was the best response.