In the changing landscape of college football, the transfer portal and NIL have played a major role in a wild offseason. Now, some coaches are reportedly seeking a tweak to the current timetable of the transfer portal.

According to Heather Dinich and Adam Rittenberg with ESPN, the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) is seeking to institute a pair of “transfer windows” into the calendar of college football. Those windows would run from the final Sunday in November through the early signing date in December and from April 15 to May 1.

If added, players would only be allowed to enter the portal during those windows. Under the current format, players are only required to enter the transfer portal prior to May 1.

AFCA Executive Director Todd Berry says the idea of implementing windows is to help student-athletes be able to make informed decisions:

“We knew there were going to be very few controls over it, but at least if we had a window, then the student-athletes would be able to go, ‘Is this a good decision? Because here’s my competition. Now I know what the other competition is because we’re all in the window at the same time,'” Berry told ESPN. “It might change some perspectives. They need to be able to make educated decisions.”