According to various reports, college football coaches at the FBS level are considering more tweaks and changes across the sport.

During the recent 2023 AFCA conference, ESPN’s David M. Hale and Adam Rittenberg reported there is the potential for a trio of tweaks across college football. Those issues include an earlier signing day, extending the current bowl eligibility and reevaluating the limits on on-field coaches.

Tampering also remains a hot-button issue among coaches with many believing there should be severe repercussions for programs caught enticing athletes from other teams that are not already in the portal. Unfortunately, enforcing tampering remains tough to do.

“With tampering, with analysts coaching — you can’t enforce it,” Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson said per ESPN. “And if you can’t enforce it, why have it?”

As for the early signing period, there has been talk ranging from adjusting the calendar by a week or two, eliminating the early period altogether, or moving the early period to the summer.

In terms of bowl games, coaches are also in favor of allowing players to compete in the postseason without bowl games impacting the redshirt status of players.

We will see if more tweaks or changes come down in the future, but it looks like the landscape of college football will continue to shift and adjust moving forward.