College football leaders are mulling the idea of implementing some rule changes to the way the game clock is utilized.

According to Ross Dellenger with, executives within college football are moving closer to recommending four rule changes related to the game clock. Two of those potential proposals are reported to be non-controversial with the other two labeled as controversial.

Dellenger reports the two “non-controversial” potential rule changes would be prohibiting consecutive timeouts (commonly used in “icing the kicker” situations) and eliminating untimed downs at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters due to defensive penalties. Instead, the ensuing down would be clocked to begin the next quarter.

One of the “controversial” changes is “garnering widespread support” per Dellenger. That proposal would be for the clock to continue running when an offense gains a first down except within the final two minutes of a half.

The “more controversial” and fourth proposal being considered would keep the game clock running on incomplete passes once the ball is spotted for play.

Dellenger went on to report that the changes could be implemented this fall but that a final decision would still be several weeks away. Many officials revealed to Dellenger that they expect at least a portion of the proposals to pass for 2023.