College football and NFL will soon reportedly be going head-to-head. Not like in a competition on the field kind-of-way, but in a tv schedule type of way.

Everyone that follows college football knows that the day after Thanksgiving is a sacred day devoted to the sport. But, by 2024-25 that could be a different story.

College Football Playoff expansion will take into effect by 2024-25 with the first round potentially going head-to-head with NFL games in the 3rd week of December.

During the CFP expansion meeting, the commissioners toyed with the idea of potentially holding the playoff games earlier in the week to avoid issues with the NFL but that probably won’t happen.

The CFP first-round games are tentatively set for Friday and Saturday of that week with the rest being mixed in with the NFL.

There is also talks of holding quarterfinal games on New Year’s Eve or the day after New Years Day. The semifinals would be played a week after the quarterfinals and in 2024 that would fall on NFL’s Wild Card weekend.

This is something that we will keep a close eye on for scheduling and how it will all play out in 2024-25 for NFL and the CFP.