The College Football Playoff is moving onto the next stages of the process of expanding to 12 teams.

Following a meeting of commissioners in Chicago, the CFP put out a media release announcing that the expansion process will indeed move forward.

“The management committee praised the working group for its proposal,” said CFP executive director Bill Hancock. “The process will move forward, and the proposal will be discussed next week by the board of managers.”

That meeting is scheduled to take place in Dallas on June 22.

Hancock went on to say that vetting the expansion proposal during meetings will be a big step in what will be a long process.

“Vetting with everyone on campus will be an important element,” Hancock said.

“The working group’s proposal was the first step in a long process. It’s important to reach out and listen to a wide variety of people involved in college football.

“This is a very exciting time for college football,” Hancock added. “The working group’s proposal includes many details that must be carefully reviewed and discussed. We look forward to that review.”

It is definitely an interesting and historic step for college football. Stay tuned to see how the expansion process continues to develop.