College Football Playoff expansion is happening, but the push is on and has been on for the 12-team Playoff to come before the agreed-upon 2026 date.

There are, however, many “hurdles” that still exist.

“No. 1 is figuring out the academic calendar because there’s going to be first-round games played on campus in December, so they’re trying to work that around final exams, December commencement,” explained Dinich. “…But there’s also the issue of the NFL schedule, competing against NFL playoffs, you don’t want to do that.”

The management committee met on Thursday to discuss an earlier date, but the meeting ended indecisively. The hope is that expansion will come by 2024, but each time progress is made, more problems arise.

“Beyond that, figuring out how the New Year’s Six Bowls fit into the picture, including — particularly — the Rose Bowl. Remember, those quarterfinals, semifinals and then the national championship game are going to continue to be a part of that New Year’s Six rotation.”

The contract for the current 4-team Playoff format expires following the 2025 season, but the hope is that an agreement can be reached before that contract expires. But no matter how many people want a solution as quick as possible, a 2024 agreement becomes less and less likely as more time passes.