For the conference as a whole, it’s a great problem to have.

Only four spots are available for the College Football Playoff, but three B1G teams are on the cusp of earning a bid. But for the individual teams outside of Ohio State? Don’t be surprised if the palms are a little sweaty for Michigan, Wisconsin or Penn State.

The four B1G teams fell in the top seven spots in the College Football Rankings, proving for another week that the committee views the conference as – by far – the best in all of college football. With the Buckeyes sitting at the No. 2 spot, it’s all but certain the league nabs a bid in this year’s playoff.

Can it get two, though? And if so, who will it be? The scenarios got even more sticky as Michigan remains ahead of Wisconsin and Penn State, the two teams playing for a B1G title this weekend in Indianapolis.

Reactions on Twitter revolved around that discussion on Tuesday night: