College football Rankings are getting updated with the new AP Top 25 released on Sunday. Coming out of Week 9, the race for the College Football Playoff is in full swing, and the true contenders are standing out on the top of the poll.

The top 4 in the country remained mostly unchanged on the AP Poll with Georgia, Ohio State, Tennessee and Michigan leading the way. Georgia and Tennessee will square off in Week 10 while the Buckeyes and Wolverines have a date on Thanksgiving weekend.

One interesting distinction to this week’s rankings is the fact that Ohio State and Tennessee are now tied as the No. 2 team in the nation in overall points. Tennessee holds an edge in first-place votes with 18 to Ohio State’s 15. Georgia led the way with 30 first-place votes.

The first College Football Playoff Rankings of the season are also set to come out Tuesday, so it will be interesting to see if there is any agreement between the AP Poll and CFP Committee.

Here is the full AP Top 25:

AP Top 25 Week 10

#1 Georgia
#2-tie Ohio State
#2-tie Tennessee
#4 Michigan
#5 Clemson
#6 Alabama
#7 TCU
#8 Oregon
#9 USC
#10 UCLA
#11 Ole Miss
#12 Utah
#13 Kansas State
#14 Illinois
#15 LSU
#16 Penn State
#17 UNC
#18 Oklahoma State
#19 Tulane
#20 Wake Forest
#21 NC State
#22 Syracuse
#23 Liberty
#24 Oregon State
#25 UCF

Others receiving votes

Texas 58, Kentucky 57, Maryland 36, Cincinnati 32, Notre Dame 24, Washington 12, Arkansas 11, Baylor 9, Coastal Carolina 8, Florida State 8, Troy 7, Mississippi State 5, Boise State 4, East Carolina 2, South Carolina 2, Louisville 1, UTSA 1