The world of college athletics continues to react to last week’s bombshell news that USC and UCLA are leaving the Pac-12 for the B1G. That news has not even cooled with other reports and rumors swirling about what could be next in this ongoing realignment saga.

The biggest questions that remain are whether or not other Pac-12 programs are considering leaving, and whether or not the B1G is interested in adding additional west coast teams. It was previously reported that the B1G had told Oregon and Washington specifically that the conference was standing pat for the time being.

On Wednesday, Pac-12 insider Jon Wilner shared more insight on where things currently stand. Wilner cited one source as saying they would be “stunned” if Oregon and Washington were able to join the B1G.

Instead, Wilner’s source says it is more likely the B1G will “sit back for two years” and then make a play at adding Notre Dame. He went on to say the growing reality for Oregon and Washington is either to make things work in the Pac-12 or join the Big 12.