For the first time ever, ESPN’s College GameDay will make an appearance in Cincinnati as the No. 2  Bearcats will face Tulsa.

It’s kind of a surprise that GameDay is heading to Cincinnati considering who the Bearcats are playing next Saturday.

Tulsa is 3-5 and lost to Navy Friday night, 20-17.  Gameday could have chosen to go to the Alabama-LSU game, Wake Forest versus North Carolina, or even Michigan State versus Purdue.

Fans of the show have accused ESPN in the past of only going to the big-name schools, so this may be their way of trying to be more diverse in their selections of the cities they chose to be in.

But it is surprising that Gameday didn’t wait until the SMU-Cincinnati game to visit the Bearcats, but SMU’s loss Saturday may be the reason why they chose this weekend to go to the Queen City.