There is plenty of action in store for Week 13, and one of the most intriguing matchups of the weekend takes place in Bloomington.

That is where Tom Allen and his 7-3 Indiana Hoosiers will take on Michigan. The Wolverines are favored by just over a touchdown for the game and has dominated the series against Indiana. However, the Hoosiers have played the series closer than expected in recent history and have a strong team this season.

On Saturday morning, ESPN’¬†College GameDay¬†crew broke down the matchup and some of the keys for the game. For David Pollack, he doesn’t see much of a contest playing out today:

“You look at Indiana, everyone looks at the seven wins, and that’s great, but it’s Northwestern, Maryland, Rutgers, that’s kind of what they got hot against,” said Pollack. “Michigan’s defense will show out today, I think they’ll play really well…(since the loss to Wisconsin) they’ve been lights out. They have corner guys and guys rushing the passer.”

For Desmond Howard, he sees the game being closer and believes it could be decided in the fourth quarter. He sees Indiana’s passing attack as something that will keep the game closer:

“I think this game has a chance to be a four-quarter game because Indiana can throw the ball,” explained Howard. “They have a relentless passing attack, maybe throw it up, get a PI, maybe a guy makes a play, they really don’t care. Michigan has to make it a one-dimensional offense.”

Kirk Herbstreit echoed Howard’s assessment in seeing a close win for Michigan:

“I think it’s gonna be a little bit closer, because of Indiana’s ability to throw the football…Michigan’s gonna win this game, but I think they’re gonna have to earn it,” said Herbstreit.

Who do you have winning in Bloomington? Kickoff is set for 3:30 pm EST on ESPN.