A lot is on the line for Championship Weekend, and it is time to get the games rolling!

Utah already clinched a Pac-12 Championship with a blowout win over Oregon Friday night. It was Utah’s 2nd win over the Ducks this season after beating Oregon during the regular season.

Now heading into the Saturday slate, key games await in the Big 12, SEC, B1G, and AAC. Those games will greatly alter the picture for the College Football Playoff. The CFP field will be announced on Sunday.

Heading into the action, here is how the College GameDay crew picked the conference championship matchups:

MAC: Northern Illinois vs. Kent State

Desmond Howard: NIU

Zac Brown: NIU

Kirk Herbstreit: Kent State

Lee Corso: NIU

Sun Belt: App. State vs. Louisiana

Desmond Howard: Louisiana

Zac Brown: Louisiana

Kirk Herbstreit: App. State

Lee Corso: Louisiana

Mountain West: San Diego State vs. Utah State

Desmond Howard: SDSU

Zac Brown: SDSU

Kirk Herbstreit: SDSU

Lee Corso: SDSU

Big 12: No. 5 Oklahoma State vs. No. 9 Baylor

Desmond Howard: Ok. State

Zac Brown: Ok. State

Kirk Herbstreit: Ok. State

Lee Corso: Ok. State

B1G Championship: No. 2 Michigan vs. No. 13 Iowa

Desmond Howard: Michigan

Zac Brown: Michigan

Kirk Herbstreit: Michigan

Lee Corso: Michigan

ACC Championship: No. 16 Wake Forest vs. No. 15 Pittsburgh

Desmond Howard: Pitt

Zac Brown: Pitt

Kirk Herbstreit: Wake Forest

Lee Corso: Wake Forest

SEC Championship: No. 1 Georgia vs. No. 3 Alabama

Desmond Howard: Georgia

Zac Brown: Georgia

Kirk Herbstreit: Georgia

Lee Corso: Alabama

AAC Championship: No. 4 Cincinnati vs. No. 21 Houston

Desmond Howard: Cincy

Zac Brown: Cincy

Kirk Herbstreit: Cincy

Lee Corso: Houston