A lot has been made of the spat between Iowa and Penn State this week. The conversation trickled over into ESPN’s College GameDay show on Saturday.

Iowa fans were audibly booing Penn State players who were injured during last week’s Top 5 showdown, under the belief that the Nittany Lions were faking after some of the Hawkeyes’ big offensive plays. That sparked a war of words between head coaches James Franklin and Kirk Ferentz.

Ferentz made the comment that Iowa’s fans “aren’t stupid,” and “they smelled a rat, I guess,” during his Tuesday press conference. Franklin responded by listing off all the players injured in the game, most of which did not return.

The College GameDay crew had some interesting takes on the feud between the two schols.

“There are people out there who are faking it, but you never know,” Desmond Howard said. You should never let the crowd control your emotions — as a player or as a coach. They’re irrelevant to the whole equation to be honest with you.”

“Faking injuries has been going on in college football forever. It’s not against the rules, it’s unethical. The coaches don’t like it,” Kirk Herbstreit said. “It’s hard to speculate — is he faking it? Is it a real injury? It’s tough when a guy comes back two plays later.”

David Pollack offered a different perspective. He wasn’t bothered by the fan aspect, but said he wasn’t too thrilled with seeing one of Iowa’s coaches mocking Penn State players.

“I don’t care as much when the fans boo or the fans mock, that’s part of the game. Get over that,” Pollack said. “But what about when a coach mocks? A coach falls down on the sideline? That hit me different.”

It’s been a week-long argument in the B1G. We’ll see if it goes away after Saturday.