The conversations about the 2020 college football season have been a roller coaster. One week there’s incredible optimism about the prospect of the sport returning in the fall. The next week, we’re talking about the potential of canceling football until 2021.

College GameDay host and ESPN personality Rece Davis remains confident that college football will be back this fall. He does acknowledge that it won’t be like we’re accustomed to seeing, however.

Davis joined ESPN’s SportsCenter on Monday to talk about why he’s confident football will be back.

“I think they’re going to play,” Davis said. “There certainly might be some alterations to the schedule, particularly among teams outside the Power Five, potentially their schedules could be impacted. But I think that there is still a great deal of optimism and reason to think that games will be played.”

With so much money at stake, college presidents and athletic directors, conference commissioners and the NCAA will do whatever they can to get games played this fall. That could mean the eradication of nonconference games or potentially changes to how games are played, but all options are still on the table.

Davis thinks there’s still some time before making a final decision.

“I still think there’s so much to learn over the next couple of months,” Davis said. “What do all of these tests at a variety of schools across the country mean? What does it mean by virtue of the fact, at least based on what’s been reported up to this point, it seems that not many players, thankfully, have not gotten seriously ill?

“So all of those things I think will unfold over the next several weeks and then once the practices start, does that impact testing and sickness and that type of thing. So many things could change but I still have a great deal of optimism that there will be a season.”

There are so many questions right now and not a lot of answers. But Davis seems confident the season will still be played in some way, shape or form this fall.