There’s only one weekend remaining in the college basketball regular season. Next week, the B1G will start handing out all-conference honors and other awards from the 2021-22 season.

This week, Big Ten Network contributor and college basketball expert Andy Katz handed out some unique awards for the B1G. None of what he handed out will be presented during the conference’s official awards announcements.

Katz listed out 5 special categories to hand out B1G honors this week. Here are the awards:

  • Best hire
  • Best transfer
  • Best dunker
  • Best dressed
  • Best returning player

Below is the video, where Katz names all of his award winners:

All of those categories have some merit — OK, maybe not best dressed. But the areas do have some sort of impact for a team, so these aren’t out of the blue.

It’s a fun twist on awards season, which we’ll get to next week as teams head to Indianapolis for the B1G Tournament.