Can you imagine NCAA Tournament games being played in front of an empty venue? One college players group his hoping the NCAA considers that option, due to the recent coronavirus scare.

The National College Players Association, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the rights and safety of student-athletes, has made a plea with the NCAA to consider keeping fans outside of arenas while March Madness games are being played.

“In the wake of the emerging coronavirus pandemic, the NCAA and its colleges should take precautions to protect college athletes,” the NCPA said in a statement . “In regard to the NCAA’s March Madness tournament and other athletic events, there should be a serious discussion about holding competitions without an audience present. …The NCAA and its colleges must act now, there is no time to waste.”

March Madness has become one of the most popular sporting events in America, and with so many host sites across the country, teams, media and fans are traveling all throughout the nation to attend games. While it seems like a long-shot that anything this drastic would actually happen, the NCPA is making a push to get the NCAA thinking about alternate options this year.

Recently, Michigan football canceled its annual spring trip because of the coronavirus concern.