Bizarre stories pop up on the Internet all of the time.

In the world of college football, it’s no different. Of course, student-athletes are held to a certain standard, so we typically don’t go digging for insane stories within the sport itself.

However, this one is indeed a bizarre college football story.

Earlier this week, Georgia Southern QB Shai Werts was arrested and has since been suspended. Why did he get arrested?

He was arrested because, while at a traffic stop — in Saluda, S.C. — he was originally being pulled over for speeding. However, the speeding wasn’t the worst thing going on. When an officer originally attempted to pull him over, Werts reportedly kept going and called 911 to explain that he wasn’t going to be pulled over in a dark area.

OK, fine. Let’s get into a more lighted area.

Eventually, after reaching town, Werts was pulled over and arrested for speeding. An officer saw a white powder on Werts’ roof though, and when asked about it, Werts claimed that it was bird poop.

Hint: It wasn’t bird poop.

It was in fact cocaine.

The officer tested the powder and it tested positive for cocaine with two different kits and in two different places on the car. Werts denied any knowledge of the cocaine, of course.

The officer wrote that the powder appeared to have been “thrown on the vehicle and had been attempted to be washed off by the windshield wipers, and wiper fluid as there was white powder substance around the areas of the wiper fluid dispensary.”

After that, he was charged with a misdemeanor possession of cocaine as well.

Georgia Southern plays LSU Week 1.

Good luck.