Daggering a game-winning bucket takes a lot of competitive nerve under the best conditions, but add a challenge element to the task while playing a tough league opponent on the road and now you have a true test.

Arkansas-Little Rock came up just short on their challenge Friday night when a set of red victory lights switched on at the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana while the Trojans were executing a last-second set in pursuit of a potential game-winning shot.

The quick-changing lights and alternating darkness sent the high-screen scenario into turmoil and forced a desperation deep three from big man Ruot Monyyong as the horn sounded. The shot came up just short, bouncing off the front of the rim, and the Trojans lost 66-64 to the Ragin Cajuns.

The sequence can be watched below.

Who was operating the light show down in Cajun Country as the league’s top two teams played a tight game? I guess it could be called suspicious that the big overhead illumination switched off, and the dark-red victory lights flashed on, as the clock counted down under five seconds with the opponent hunting a final good look for the win.

Send down the FBI or some reputable forensic unit without any local ties. The “Red Light Affair” must be sorted out. Maybe it all was just a big mixup, but Trojans deserve a good answer after it appears they were a victim of late-game sabotage down Lafayette way.