The 2022 regular season came to a close after Week 13, and all eyes have turned toward the upcoming bowl games, including the New Year’s Six games, and the College Football Playoff matchups.

On Monday, the officiating crews for those games were announced, and two B1G crews will be officiating the Sugar Bowl, and the Orange Bowl. The Sugar Bowl will feature the matchup between Alabama and Kansas State, while the Orange Bowl will feature Clemson and Tennessee.

The B1G is represented by both Michigan and Ohio State in the CFP, and will take on TCU and Georgia, respectively. The Michigan and TCU game will be overseen by an SEC officiating crew, while the Ohio State and Georgia matchup will be called by a Pac-12 team.

Here’s how the rest of the officiating landscape will look:

  • CFB Playoff title game: ACC
  • Peach Bowl (UGA-OhioSt): Pac-12
  • Fiesta Bowl (UM-TCU): SEC
  • Rose Bowl (PSU-Utah): Big 12
  • Sugar Bowl (Bama-KSU): Big Ten
  • Orange Bowl (Clemson-UT): Big Ten
  • Cotton Bowl (USC-Tulane): SEC