“Bigger is better,” that appears to be the theme of the day during the ongoing conference realignment. However, not everyone is thrilled with the direction things are headed.

Ahead of his appearance at SEC Media Days, Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach was asked about his thoughts on the new landscape of college football. With things heading toward what looks like an era of “super conferences,” Leach admitted he is concerned the definition between conference and league has become clouded.

“I think we’re starting to cloud definition on what’s a conference and what’s a league,” Leach said. “It’s a little bulky, I’d say. If it’s just a conference, everybody plays everybody quite a bit, 10 to 12 I think is kind of what you’re after. I don’t think it’s realistic to play more than 16 games, or too many more. But it’s good to have quality teams all working together.”