Conference realignment rumors are still flowing in the world of college football. 1 of the newest rumors is that the B1G is not done expanding according to Action Network’s Brett McMurphy.

Sources tell McMurphy that even after the B1G media right deal with NBC, FOX, and CBS the conference is still looking at expanding. The B1G may reportedly still be looking at the Pac-12 for expansion teams.

While ESPN may have lost its chance to partner with the B1G for the time being, there’s still a chance it could reenter into the agreementĀ per Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

Essentially, if the rumors are true and the B1G does expand, it would need someone to pay for the additional schools that will be brought in. CBS Sports’ sources believe that ESPN could be in the running if that happens.

“I would keep that window open for ESPN,” a high-profile source with extensive knowledge of media rights told CBS Sports. “Until all this is done, there are lots of moving parts. Never say never.”

But this is college football, and anything can happen nowadays.