One of the most prominent voices in college football may soon be getting his own sitcom. The news was first reported of a show potentially dedicated to the life of SEC Network radio host Paul Finebaum in February, but it appears the conversations are getting more serious.

In an interview with Scott Fowler of The Charlotte Observer, Finebaum stated that there seems to be momentum heading in the direction of producing a sitcom in the near future. Not many details were provided, but the longtime college football voice says that things have been getting serious.

Below is from The Charlotte Observer:

SF: What is the current status of the talks about a potential sitcom based on your life?

PF: The conversations are getting very serious. There is a major Hollywood production company involved and already several writers are working on the script to be pitched to the major networks soon.

The biggest news is a well-known actor is extremely interested in playing the lead. We did a call recently and it was fairly bizarre having a successful Hollywood actor asking me about me. He is considerably younger, so the idea is to set the sitcom at an early point in my career.

SF: Who’s the actor?

PF: I am proud to announce that Matt Damon will be playing me.

Just kidding. Until we get to the next phase, the producers have strongly encouraged me not to reveal the name.

You can read more from the question-and-answer session here.