Whether you agree with him or not, Colin Cowherd makes some interesting points.

Well, he made an interesting one on “The Herd.”

Cowherd claimed that the SEC was living completely off reputation and that Alabama’s one-loss mark didn’t automatically warrant a top-two spot. In fact, Cowherd went so far as to drop Alabama out of his top four and put Michigan State and Ohio State in ahead of the Tide.

The rant is a bit lengthy, but Cowherd hammers a lot of real points here:

Perhaps the most surprising part of the rant was not that Cowherd bashed the SEC, but that he actually said that Iowa quarterback C.J. Beathard could get some NFL looks. Cowherd actually used a strength of Iowa to argue his point.

But in all seriousness, he makes a pretty solid argument that the best of the B1G is better than the best of the SEC…at least this year.