Cris Carter doesn’t have an issue speaking his mind. After Michigan’s 26-19 loss to South Carolina in the Outback Bowl, ruining the B1G’s hope of a perfect postseason, the former Buckeye and NFL great had plenty to say.

Shortly after the Wolverines blew a 16-point third quarter lead to the Gamecocks, the NFL analyst took to Twitter to blast head coach Jim Harbaugh for letting a huge opportunity slip away. Carter didn’t pull any punches either, calling Harbaugh the “most overrated coach in football.”

Here are the two tweets that Carter fired off that received so much attention on social media.

‘Had Michigan won, the B1G would’ve ended bowl season 8-0. Instead, it finished 7-1.

But that wasn’t all Carter had to say on Twitter.

Shortly after the game, Harbaugh was asked if he had coached his last game at Michigan, essentially questioning whether or not he was looking to take a job in the NFL. Harbaugh denied that thought, saying he had not coached in his final game with the program.

Carter took another jab at the Michigan head coach after hearing that.

Despite some big wins in three years with the Wolverines, Harbaugh is 0-3 against Ohio State and has yet to win a B1G title or even a division crown. Carter seems pleased that the coach who has never beaten Urban Meyer will remain in Ann Arbor for awhile longer.

Some love Harbaugh and others hate him. It doesn’t seem that Carter even respects the Michigan head coach.