Earlier Sunday evening, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney accused Florida State of using COVID-19 as an “excuse” to cancel their game between the two schools this weekend.

Here’s Swinney’s full statement after he spoke tonight, courtesy of Grace Raynor:

That statement obviously won’t get many of his critics to like him as it’s now blowing up all over social media.

There were reports over the weekend that Clemson brought a symptomatic player on the trip that tested negative during the week. He then reportedly tested positive right before the game was going to be played and FSU and Clemson medical personnel could not find a solution to play the game.

The game is currently not going to be rescheduled but if it is, Swinney has seemingly made it clear that he wants FSU to come to Death Valley or have them pay for Clemson’s travel to Tallahassee.

On the one hand, the ACC, like every other conference, has set clear COVID-19 protocols. If Clemson did not violate them, it is odd that there was a cancellation.

However, it’s hard to find fault with Florida State’s concerns. Traveling with a symptomatic player who later tests positive is definitely a reason to be wary.