Bowl Season brings with it a number of wild customs and traditions for the winning teams. That includes victory baths featuring french fries, Gatorade, and rumor has it a bit of Mayo still to come in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

On Wednesday, it was time for the Cheez-It Bowl with a matchup between Iowa State and Clemson. It featured some wild moments, including a pick-6 from Brock Purdy that the QB kept alive and batted directly into the arms of a Clemson defender.

That was not the only nightmarish incident for Purdy. Facing a 4th down and less than a minute to go in the game, Purdy scrambled and initially converted for a first down.

Unfortunately, he fumbled back behind the line to gain. Even though Purdy was quick to recover the ball, he wound up short of a conversion following the fumble, ending the game in disastrous fashion.

The disaster for the Cyclones gave Clemson win No. 10 under Swinney. And of course, the Tigers celebrated accordingly with the cheesiest of victory of baths.

Now all that’s left to wonder is who woke up feeling the cheesiest?