Damar Hamlin’s story has unified the football world in a special way over the course of this past NFL season. Now, Hamlin is still on a path to full recovery.

During a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Hamlin — a safety for the Buffalo Bills — experienced a cardiac arrest following a tackle in the game. CPR was administered for a long while before he was eventually transported to the hospital where he would remain for days.

On Saturday, Hamlin shared his first public comments through a video shared by the Bills’ social media account. The main message shared by Hamlin was one of thanks and gratitude directed at his caregivers and the love and support from everyone involved.

“While I’m so thankful to everybody,” Hamlin says in the video that is over 5 minutes long, “I know that it isn’t enough just to be thankful. This is just the beginning of the impact that I wanted to have on the world, and with God’s guidance I will continue to do wonderful and great things. I couldn’t do this without any of the support and the love, and I can’t wait to continue to take you all on this journey with me.”

Hamlin was in the middle of his second NFL season at the time of the emergency. He was able to make an appearance inside the stadium during Buffalo’s final playoff game as he continues his recovery progress.