Florida became the laughingstock of the college football world on Saturday when defensive back Marco Wilson threw an opposing player’s shoe down the field, costing his team 15 yards and a chance at the College Football Playoff.

Wilson’s coach, Dan Mullen, of course had to make a comment about one of the biggest blunders we’ve seen on a football field in recent memory. Despite everyone seeing Wilson deliberately launch the cleat down the field and the joy Wilson got out of it before being flagged, Mullen did not believe his player was taunting at all when showing off his throwing arm.

These appear to be serious words coming out of Dan Mullen’s mouth. Insert mind-blown emoji here. We all saw Wilson launch the cleat. He wasn’t trying to just get it out of the way, he launched that thing like he was in a shot-put competition.

By the way, we cannot just skirt past Mullen using football move to describe this situation. This is just beyond dumb. I’m no football expert, but I don’t remember throwing an opponent’s cleat being a part of the game.

Dan Mullen has said some real dumb stuff this year and done some dumb things like basically start a fight against Missouri earlier this year. But this might take the cake as his dumbest comment yet.