The latest report involving the B1G is that there are not enough schools interested in playing football this fall to reinstate the season. That information came from Dan Patrick on Tuesday morning.

Patrick, who last reported that the B1G was aiming for an Oct. 10 relaunch date for the football season if it could get enough presidents on board, is now saying that at least six teams have no interest in moving forward with a fall season. That would give the B1G just eight teams for an October start date.

“The B1G is still up in the air,” Patrick said on Tuesday. “There’s still a push back from the medical community in the B1G to not play. And I was told they simply don’t have enough teams to play. I was told the Michigan teams [UM, MSU] not gonna play. Illinois — that’s Illinois, Northwestern — not gonna play. Maryland’s not gonna play and Rutgers probably won’t play.

“That doesn’t leave you with much, if you’re able to pull this off. And now, I’m told the medical community with the B1G is trying to push to November now. It was October 10, that was the target date so they could get in a 10-game schedule and qualify for the postseason. I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

Last week, Patrick reported that the B1G was aiming for that Oct. 10 date in an attempt to have a shot at the College Football Playoff.

Over the last several weeks, there have been talks about the conference starting a spring season in January, with multiple potential kickoff dates. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that Thanksgiving weekend was an idea being kicked around, as well.

“I was told January is a legitimate landing date for the B1G. That can still happen, it’s just that is not anywhere near the consensus,” Patrick said. “And I don’t think you can get enough teams that are going to be able to be pull this together to play fall football.”

Below is the full clip from the Dan Patrick Show: