Danny Kanell was not in favor of 3 SEC teams making this year’s College Football Playoff.

In Week 7, Alabama suffered a devastating loss to Tennessee, which many are arguing helps the SEC’s chances of having 3 teams in the Playoff for some scenarios. Kanell believes that the SEC should not receive preferential treatment over every other conference.

The Playoff typically causes a season-long debate each year. While discussing the college football landscape on Sirius XM, Kanell was against the idea of 3 SEC schools in the Playoff when his producer brought up the topic:

“It used to be ‘Could we get 2 teams from the SEC in the Playoff?’ Which we’ve seen before, but you know what? 2 teams isn’t enough! Now, we’re trying to get 3 SEC teams in,” Kanell said. “He’s fallen hook, line and sinker for exactly what they want him to — making it sound like the SEC is way better than anybody else when the point that I want to make is that the SEC is just like everybody else. Even more so, this is the type of year we need 12 teams because I think it’s going to be really hard to get down to 4.”

After 8 years, the SEC never had more than 2 teams appear in a Playoff. In 2021, Alabama and Georgia reached the Playoff. If Alabama wins out, it could cause issues with the Playoff.