Nobody can figure out the NCAA and the decisions it makes. The organization recently came under fire again for a head-scratching decision involving recent Illinois transfer tight end Luke Ford.

The NCAA denied Ford’s appeal for immediate eligibility for the 2019 season after transferring from Georgia. That decision upheld the organization’s previous ruling which was made in April. Ford, an Illinois native, transferred to be closer to his grandparents who have health concerns.

Even ESPN college football analyst David Pollack can’t understand the decision.

“I think the people at the NCAA need to have some more consistency,” Pollack told DawgNation. “The transfer thing drives me nuts. I’m more about stay and fight, so Justin Fields, I don’t get that. I get that Jake Fromm is really good, but I’m the type of person, I never thought about running from competition.

“Fields versus Luke Ford, guys that were at Georgia, what determines who gets it (immediate eligibility)? (Luke Ford’s) family is sick, or somebody has a reason to go back home and they get a ‘no,’ and somebody else that doesn’t really have a reason gets a ‘yes.’ That drives you nuts for the kids. Some people get waivers, some people don’t and it makes absolutely no sense.”

Fields transferred from Georgia and was granted immediate eligibility at Ohio State. Ford will have to wait until the 2020 season until he can step on the field for the Illini.

Pollack isn’t the only one who has trouble understanding these decisions by the NCAA. The organization continues to lose fans with these unpopular decisions.