Deion Sanders is the new head coach at Colorado, and already his tenure is off to an interesting start with the Buffs.

One of his initial speeches to the team was shared on social media, and it was an interesting message he delivered. In the video, Sanders is seen telling current Colorado players to prepare to hop in the portal in order to make room for players the coach is planning on bringing into the program.

“We got a few positions already covered cause I’m bringing my luggage with me, and it’s Louis (Vuitton),” said Sanders. “Okay, it ain’t gonna be no more of the mess that these wonderful fans, the student body and some of your parents put up with for probably 2 decades now.

“So I want y’all to get ready to go ahead and jump in that portal and do whatever you gonna get. Because more of you jump in, more room you make because we bringing kids that are smart and tough.”

That is definitely one way to go about reshaping the roster. We’ll see who fills out Colorado’s roster for Sanders’ first season in 2023.