Jim Delany knows money. Based on his negotiations for TV contracts and conference expansion, the B1G commissioner certainly checks that box.

It’s a good thing that Delany knows money because now, he’s set to make a whole lot of it.

According to a report from USA Today, Delany will earn $20 million in future bonus payments.

The report said that in July 2015, Delany “became fully eligible for future bonus payments pursuant to his employment contract.” That information was obtained by USA Today via the B1G’s new federal tax return.

It doesn’t, however, state when Delany will earn his $20 million or how much those payments will be.

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Delany, who was named the most powerful man in college sports by Forbes, actually had the cheapest annual salary among Power Five commissioners in 2015. His $2.4 million in base pay (USA Today) was just over half what former SEC commissioner Mike Slive made ($4.7 million) in 2015.

Delany was credited with helping the B1G grow its annual revenue to $483.4 million in a five-year stretch. In 2016, the traditional B1G members (excluding Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers) earned a reported $34.8 million.

Those numbers will continue to increase once the conference’s new television agreements kick in this fall.

Last year, Delany said that he doesn’t plan on being the conference’s new TV deal is up in 2022. If and when Delany retires, he’ll have made the conference and himself quite a bit of money.