CHICAGO — The most powerful person in college sports has an end in sight.

B1G Commissioner Jim Delany said on Tuesday at B1G Media Days that his days in that role could be numbered. He said that he doesn’t anticipate being the B1G Commissioner when the next TV deal is up in 2022.

“I have a lot of energy and I have a lot of interest in what’s going on in the college space today from the operational issues, the reform issues and the existential threats,” Delany said. “I will be around for a bit. Whether I’m around here for six years is probably a little bit beyond how I see it.”

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That’s noteworthy coming from one of the more influential people in all of sports. Delany’s list of accomplishments are lengthy since he took on the role in 1989.

He was responsible for the conference expanding from 10 teams to 14 by adding the likes of Penn State, Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers. His biggest accomplishment, however, was the creation of the Big Ten Network. That’s been a major source of revenue for the conference that paid dividends since its creation in 2007.

Delany just also engineered the B1G’s new TV contract that will pay the conference $440 million annually for the next six years. He said that he liked the midterm security of the current deal, which allows for the conference to get another huge payout ahead of other Power Five conferences to set the market again.

But now the questions can officially begin. When will the 68-year-old Delany retire? Who will take his place?

One thing is clear: They’ll have some awfully big shoes to fill.