The biggest grievance with the B1G among players, parents, coaches and fans — yes, that’s essentially everyone — has been the way in which the decision was made to call off the fall football season. The lack of transparency and communication has really been a topic of conversation in the three weeks since the announcement was made.

And while we’re getting even further away from the decision date and commissioner Kevin Warren has said it will not be revisited, people still want answers. Players are still calling for the season to be reinstated. Parents have protested and written letters to the conference. Sportscasters and other media types have blasted the league.

One of the latest to torch the B1G for its decision-making process was John Sears of SoundOFF in Des Moines, Iowa. He had plenty of hot takes on the conference’s mishandling of the situation.

Like the rest of us, Sears has been frustrated with the lack of transparency and explanation behind the B1G’s decision. The sportscaster also made it clear that there is still time to start the season in a month, and join the ACC, Big 12 and SEC for the 2020 fall season.

Below is the clip from SoundOFF: