Four days after the first College Football Playoff rankings, fans and college football analysts are still showing their frustrations over the College Football Playoff Committee.

There are several reasons for the hate of the first playoff rankings of 2021. Cincinnati being at No. 6 is one of the biggest ones.

On College Gameday, former Michigan star cornerback/special team returner Desmond Howard had another frustration towards the rankings and it revolves around the SEC. He doesn’t believe Alabama is deserving of the No. 2 spot based on its current resumé. 

I thought Alabama at No. 2 (was the biggest surprise),” Howard said. “I thought they’d be a little lower because they lost to a backup quarterback when they lost to Texas A&M. It shows a little SEC bias to rank them that high in the initial rankings.”

It is no surprise that Georgia is No. 1, but following them is No. 2 Alabama ahead an undefeated No. 3 Michigan State. Oregon rounded out the Top 4.

Michigan State is coming off one of the biggest wins of the season with a 37-33 win at home over No. 7 Michigan with a Heisman Trophy statement from running back Kenneth Walker III.

Alabama will have plenty of opportunities to prove its case for the Playoff — and clearly the committee likes its body of work. But Howard still believes it shows “SEC bias” to have the Crimson Tide so high.