The ESPN panel on College GameDay doesn’t agree on much — it it did, it wouldn’t be a very interesting show. But it came to a consensus Saturday morning that the SEC is more likely to earn two College Football Playoff spots than the B1G.

ESPN analyst Desmond Howard argued that point because he believes the SEC’s “strength of schedule is better.” But looking at the facts, that might not actually be the case.

Take a look at the tweet below, which includes the strength of schedule rankings and ratings. It’s the B1G that holds three of the top five spots and five of the top seven on that list.

Granted, the SEC is well represented at the top of that list as well, but they only have four in the top 10.

The ESPN College GameDay panel might end up being correct, as the SEC may very well earn two playoff spots, leaving just one for the B1G. But it doesn’t look like strength of schedule is going to be the reason why.