Remember what happened on Nov. 26?

Michigan went to Ohio State and lost, 30-27 in overtime. A close, impressive loss for the Wolverines, but a loss nonetheless, right?

Not if you’re Desmond Howard. Howard, a current ESPN analyst and former Wolverine himself was asked who should be in the College Football Playoff.

And to that, he let his true colors show:

Howard gave enough respect to Alabama and Clemson, ranking them No. 1 and No. 2, respectively. But, at No. 3, he has his good ole Wolverines making the final four, ahead of Washington at No. 4.

Ohio State finished with an 11-1 record this year and beat Michigan when it mattered most. The Wolverines, conversely, finished 10-2. So, how can Howard be the only ESPN analyst of the 19 to put Michigan in the College Football Playoff and not Ohio State or even the B1G winner, Penn State?

Because he will love his Wolverines until the day he dies and he hates Ohio State. That’s how.