For most of the season, the Georgia Bulldogs have been the No. 1 team in the nation and there has been no doubt about it. But now that the Bulldogs were soundly beaten by Alabama 41-24 in the SEC Championship Game, where does that leave them in the College Football Playoff?

Well, most fans feel believe that Georgia should still make the CFP despite the loss. Until Saturday, the Bulldogs have been dominant all season, so fans don’t seem to have a problem with keeping them in.

The question for the Bulldogs now is where will they land in the standings?

Most college football analysts feel that they will land at the No. 3 spot but Cincinnati, who is undefeated and won their conference championship, theoretically could jump Georgia and move to that No. 3 spot.

We will see what the CFP committee says Sunday about who goes where at 12 pm ET.