Dick Vitale announced Monday that he’s shutting things down for the rest of the college basketball season. In a note published on ESPN Front Row, Vitale detailed his vocal cord issues.

In the note, Vitale revealed he’s dealing with Dysplasia on the vocal cords:

“I had my scheduled follow-up visit today with Dr. Steven Zeitels, a leading throat specialist, who had diagnosed me with Dysplasia on the vocal cords a few weeks ago and ordered me to rest my ailing voice.

“Well, today, Dr. Z. delivered the news that even though the rest really helped, I need to give my voice an even longer “T.O., Baby!” And there is no doubt I will soon need surgery to solve my Dysplasia and ulcerated lesions of the vocal cords.”

Vitale detailed that his current rest has decreased inflammation by 60 percent, and he hopes to be back for the 2022-23 season in the fall:

“So, while I’m heartbroken that I won’t appear on ESPN for the rest of this season, I’m encouraged by the progress. In fact, it appears that by resting my voice for the past three weeks, I’ve reduced the inflammation by 60 percent. Let’s hope the added rest will help it heal some more, and things will look even better when I go for my next follow-up visit on Feb. 16. Once the inflammation heals, we will set a date for surgery.

“My throat’s condition is clearly moving in the right direction, and Dr. Z. is very optimistic that this can be successfully treated to have me strong for the 2022-23 season on ESPN.”

Vitale was away from the booth to start the 2021-22 season after being diagnosed with lymphoma in October. In November, Vitale announced that his doctor gave him the green light to return to broadcasting after starting his 6 months of chemotherapy. In August, Vitale revealed he had melanoma surgically removed.

The 2021-22 season marked Vitale’s 43rd with ESPN. Hopefully, Dickie V returns to calling games in the fall!