Dick Vitale is not a fan of the NCAA transfer portal. The longtime college basketball analyst had no trouble hiding his thoughts on the entire situation.

Since the end of the regular season, several players have entered their name into the NCAA transfer portal. It seems to be happening at a record rate, likely due to multiple factors. But Vitale says it could ruin the sport and that the NCAA needs to think of a way to fix the problem.

“This transferring all over the place is going to destroy our great game,” Vitale wrote on Twitter. “The NCAA should think twice before officially making it that players can transfer w/o sitting 1 yr. The CHAOS going on is SICKENING! Only should allow players to transfer w/o sitting when a coach leaves.”

There have been a lot of rule changes the NCAA has implemented because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Players are permitted to transfer to a new school without having to sit out a year and all winter student-athletes have been granted an additional year of eligibility.

With those rule changes, we’ve seen dozens (if not hundreds) of college basketball players enter the NCAA transfer portal.

Clearly, Vitale isn’t a fan of what it is doing to the sport.