Even though the 2021 season just ended, it won’t be long until spring football is underway. Before any school starts those practices, the NCAA Division I oversight committee is making some recommended changes to the way it’s conducted.

While most of the rules and policies for spring practice would remain unchanged, here are the two alterations the committee is suggesting:

One proposal would limit full contact (tackling to the ground) to no more than 75 minutes in any one practice period that does not involve a scrimmage.

A separate proposal would prohibit practice sessions that include full contact from occurring on consecutive days.

The NCAA released a statement regarding the recommendations on Tuesday evening. Before anything can go into effect, the recommendations must be approved by the Division I Council.

That group is scheduled to meet on Wednesday.

Other primary rules and policies regarding spring practice have not been changed:

  • Practices can be conducted over a 34-day period with 20 hours per week of unrestricted activities. Players must receive one day off per week.
  • 15 on-field practice sessions may be held, with no more than 12 involving contact.
  • Full contact may not occur until the third practice.
  • Eight of the 12 contact practices can involve tackling, and no more than three of those eight may be devoted to 11-on-11 scrimmages.
  • During noncontact practice sessions, headgear may be worn.